About Terry

Terry McGrew loves to share his photo collections for one reason – to share beauty. Aware of all of the negative things in the world today, Terry set out to show the beauty of the world instead. He and his wife, Nancy, travel to exotic places where Terry captures images of wildlife, nature, cityscapes, and landmarks. Together, Terry and Nancy have traveled to all seven continents and witnessed amazing beauty at each stop.

Self-Taught Photographer with an Artist’s Eye

Looking at the stunning images in Terry’s collection, you might think he is a trained professional photographer. Not so. Terry earned an Applied Mathematics degree at Kansas State University and a Master of Business Administration at Marquette University. He made a career as a manufacturing finance analyst with GE Healthcare Systems of Wisconsin. Terry is a self-taught photographer who loves sharing his view of the world. Not bad for a guy who never picked up a camera until he retired in 2008.

Sharing Adventures Via Travelogues

Terry shares his travel stories and images at the UW-Green Bay Lifelong Learning Institute. His popular LLI travelogues contain vivid photographs and descriptions of the places he visited and interesting accounts of his experiences.

Every Photo is a Walk Down Memory Lane 

Behind every photograph that Terry takes is a story. Every photo sparks a memory for Terry. In all of his travels, Terry rarely had a bad experience. Rather, he has found so many helpful, friendly people along his journeys – people he knows by name. Terry shares his images for all to enjoy. So, please enjoy the beauty of these sweeping landscapes, stunning close-ups, and magical photos taken at these wonderful locations.